Smarty Pants Rental Manager is a plugin that allows a rental agency or equipment rental to add listings or add equipment rentals website. The admin has the ability to add developments and add listings to those developments or add equipment rentals. Users can view listings and submit an application for rental which is emailed to the desired email address. The admin can browse all applicants for a given property.

While many people aspire to work in the real estate industry, very few are ready for the huge responsibility that comes with becoming a property manager. Property manager duties could include any of the following:

Attracting and screening tenants
Collecting rent
Handling leases
Dealing with emergencies and complaints
Handling move outs
Dealing with evictions
Repairs and maintenance
Knowledge of landlord-tenant laws
Maintaining financial records and managing the budget
Supervising other employees such as cleaners and security personnel
Handling taxes
Learning how to manage a rental property is therefore very important for a successful property management career. Any mistake could result in high vacancy rates, loss of profitability, and even legal action from your clients and their tenants.

One of the best ways of being a successful property manager is by using property management tools or software. These property management tools help streamline and automate tasks such as publishing listings, rent collection, property maintenance, tenant verification, and tax management. If you are responsible for multiple rental properties, property management tools will allow you to manage all of them from a central location. Contact this moving company for the best professionals. To avoid such unnecessary stress, you should consider hiring a moving company. With such a company, all you need is to tell them what you want them to do for you, better see Sky Van Lines movers in Henderson to learn more.

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Here are some of the best property management tools for any residential property manager:

1. Buildium
Buildium is a popular platform that offers a network of property management services for real estate professionals. It comes with a wide range of business operations, accounting, property management, and leasing tools. Whether you manage five properties or five hundred, Buildium provides an easy and fast way of managing and expanding your business. You can use the software to market properties, find tenants online, manage finances, and handle maintenance requests. The tool comes with portals for board members, residents, and property owners, thus making it easy to communicate with all the stakeholders. Buildium covers residential properties, affordable housing, student housing, and community associations.

Free Features

  • Users can browse equipment or apartment listings
  • Users can submit applications for an equipment rental or apartment listing
  • Admin Can manage all equipment rental or apartment listing
  • Manage listings
  • Define the legal terms in admin
  • Ability to turn off or on the use of Social Security Number (SSL is required to use SSN)
  • Print application of user